Where to go on holiday: the new countries in Europe that want to give up the compulsory wearing of masks in public

Where to go on holiday: the new countries in Europe that want to give up the compulsory wearing of masks in public

14 September 2021 0 By admin

Wearing goggles in public continues to be a sensitive topic for many people, and if you have a problem with this, it would be good to know the situation at the level of several people. It is a European country.

France and Spain, some of the largest countries in Europe, have also begun to flirt with the easing of restrictions, after the cases detected by France have fallen at a fairly rapid pace. Covid. In this context, they have a plan when it comes to eliminating the need to wear protective gear on the outside. The authorities believe that this good news is mainly due to the wearing of protective masks on the outside.

In France, people will no longer have to wear a mask outside from today, June 17, although it will still be mandatory in public transport, stadiums And other crowded places, just like in Romania. The night quarantine will also take place on Sunday.

On this subject, the Prime Minister of France said that the health situation in France showed a “positive evolution” and the number of cases per 100,000 people fell to 40,000, the lowest rate of last summer. The number of intensive care patients also fell below 2,000 from 6,000 in April. He attributes this drop in cases to the success of the vaccination campaign in France. As a reference, over 30.3 million people, about 58% of France’s adult population, received at least one dose of Covid vaccine, while over 15.6 million (23%), both doses.

In Spain, unfortunately, the current reality will last a few weeks. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Wednesday that people will stop wearing masks outdoors, but did not give a firm date on the lifting of this restriction. “Soon we will be able to stop wearing masks on the street,” Sanchez said, explaining that abandoning masks is linked to the progress of the vaccination campaign.

In this country, masks are mandatory on the streets and in public spaces from May 2020, although children under the age of six are subject to an exception, as are people who sports and those who have health problems for which their behavior could endanger their lives. In a few weeks, 50% of the population will be received at least a dose, he said, adding that Spain is about to reach the vaccination target of 70% of its population of 47 million by the end of the summer.