When organic farming meets technology: computer-grown tomatoes

When organic farming meets technology: computer-grown tomatoes

11 August 2021 0 By admin

We have been living for many years, especially in big cities, without knowing exactly whether what we eat is natural or the result of laboratory combinations. Whether it is plant foods or animal products, it has become increasingly difficult to know the path that food has taken before it reaches us. n plate. This is what happens when organic farming meets technology.

Organic (or organic, or eco-terms equivalent to organic products) refers to those foods whose route is known and which can be said to have no chemical substances in their composition. synthesis, because such substances have not been used in the cultivation of plants (fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides) or in animal feed (hormones, antibiotics).

The number of those who give up intensive cultivation and is oriented towards quality and not quantity is increasing. And for the tomatoes or cucumbers to taste, farmers offer them all the conditions: professional, computer-controlled greenhouses, which set the temperature and humidity, natural fertilizer and And even music.

One of the largest investments in organic greenhouses in Romania is in Timiș County. A former deputy mayor of Timisoara has accessed more than two million euros from European funds and built two giant greenhouses, on an area of 12,000 square meters, near the commune of Șag. After almost three years of work, he managed to obtain the first harvests of tomatoes and cucumbers, Prima TV reports, quoted by Profit.ro.

In the greenhouses of È Èag, tomatoes and cucumbers are grown in the ground. The farmer from Banat claims that only by using traditional cultivation methods they keep the taste of the past. Moreover, in the two greenhouses only natural fertilizer is used and no herbicide or other chemicals are used. And 30 kilometers from Cluj-Napoca, in Vultureni commune, organic crops are in power.

A family of farmers also managed with European funds to raise greenhouses in which they grow organic vegetables on 35,000 square meters. They have over 50 varieties of vegetables that they deliver in special boxes, directly to the customer’s door. The owners of the greenhouse complex make sure that the tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers have everything that is best – constant temperature, sufficient humidity, but also classical music.

Every day, tomatoes are enjoyed with Verdi arias or the compositions of the famous Beethoven and Mozart. In addition, photosynthesis bulbs have been installed in greenhouses for light supply. Therefore, the investment in organic farming is a profitable one, because the organic farm has been producing its own seedlings for years.