WhatsApp becomes really useful: you haven’t taken advantage of the Facebook app so far, in fact

WhatsApp becomes really useful: you haven’t taken advantage of the Facebook app so far, in fact

1 August 2021 0 By admin

WhatsApp tends to reinvent itself overnight. Recent updates are more impressive than ever, and it’s becoming clear that Facebook’s app is trying to wash away its sins from the first half of the year.

WhatsApp is preparing to become, authentically, a multi-device application. This means that it will work in a way that is very similar to Facebook Messenger, provided you keep in mind some important features. Not the other way around, but the effort to encrypt all conversations and make them available on a significant variety of devices is not the easiest. Beyond that, it seems to be already going, and that’s the most important thing.

Although WhatsApp only works on multiple gadgets if you agree to use the beta version of the service, app developers are already striving to take that functionality to another level.

As a reference, in the first implementation or beta version, WhatsApp worked on a smartphone and four additional devices such as laptop, desktop or tablet. The change in the current situation in which you mirror your WhatsApp conversations on your laptop is due to the fact that currently, in order to take advantage of this feature, you have to need battery on phone, WhatsApp to run on mobile.

The effort made by the giant owned by Mark Zuckerberg is to remove the need for a smartphone to read his messages and write new ones. This part has been sorted out, and a week ago I explained how you can take advantage of WhatsApp support for multiple devices. You can find the tutorial here.

Now, still in beta, WhatsApp has started testing the ability to run WhatsApp without any emotions, with real-time synchronized messages, on two phones, in addition to other laptops, desktops or tablets. This option never existed. The moment you log in with the same WhatsApp account on a second phone, your messages are downloaded from the cloud, and after a few moments, you can start chatting. Again, the revolutionary part of the equation is that you no longer have to have a battery on your first phone. They don’t even have to have internet access.