This Harvard professor believes that the bizarre asteroid of 2017 was, in fact, a UFO

This Harvard professor believes that the bizarre asteroid of 2017 was, in fact, a UFO

30 June 2021 0 By admin

An extremely unusual object was seen traveling through the solar system in 2017. With a Hawaiian name, Oumuamua was small and elongated – several hundred meters by tens of meters, traveling with a speed fast enough to escape the Sun’s gravity and move into interstellar space. It is now believed to have been, in fact, a UFO.

No wonder someone would ask if it wasn’t a spaceship. It seems that whenever astronomers discover something unusual, someone claims that it must be extraterrestrial.

Almost all scientists believe that Oumuamua probably comes from outside the solar system. It is an asteroid or comet-like object that has left another star and traveled through interstellar space.

But not everyone agrees. Avi Loeb, a professor of astronomy at Harvard, recently suggested in a book that it is, in fact, an alien spacecraft. But how feasible is this? And why do most scientists disagree with the statement?

Researchers estimate that the Milky Way should contain about one hundred million billion comets and asteroids expelled from other planetary systems and that one of them should pass through our solar system in each year or so of something. So it makes sense that Oumuamua could be one of them.

What made Oumuamua particularly interesting was that it did not follow the orbit you would expect it to follow – its trajectory shows that an additional non-gravitational force is acting on it. This is not uncommon. The pressure of solar radiation, gas or expelled particles as an object heats up close to the Sun can give extra force and we see this with comets all the time.

Experts in comets have explored various explanations for this. Given that this was a small, dark object that passed very quickly before it disappeared, the images we were able to obtain were not very clear and therefore , it is difficult to be sure.

However, Loeb considers that “Oumuamua is an alien spaceship, powered by a light ship.” That is, a method of propelling a spacecraft using the radiation pressure exerted by the Sun on huge mirrors. He argues that non-gravitational acceleration is a sign of “deliberate” maneuvering. This argument seems to be based in large part on the fact that Oumuamua lacks a comet-like shell and tail, which are common signatures of accelerating comets. ie non-gravitational.

This would give us much more reliable evidence than the statements of someone who has a business card and imagined UFOs.