The war has just been reinvented: the “robot” that can drop bombs, revealed

The war has just been reinvented: the “robot” that can drop bombs, revealed

6 July 2021 0 By admin

The US Air Force has allowed an artificial intelligence algorithm to take over the navigation systems and sensors of a Lockheed U-2 military spy jet during a training flight. Thus, the “robot” can even drop bombs.

The flight marks a first: the first time an artificial intelligence algorithm must be used to control a US military aircraft, according to the Washington Post. “This is the first time this has happened,” Air Force Assistant Will Roper told the publication.

Thus, the AI algorithm took care of certain very specific tasks and never controlled the actual flight of the aircraft or, in particular, of any weapon system.

The algorithm was tasked with using the plane’s radar sensors to search for approaching missiles and missile launchers. Throughout the flight, the algorithm had full control to direct the sensors.

The system was intentionally designed, without manual overwriting, to “challenge thinking and learning in the test environment,” as he told Post. Air Force spokesman Josh Bendetti.

The algorithm used publicly available algorithms developed by AI DeepMind. He also used Kubernetes, a software owned by Google, to allow AI software to work with the aircraft’s on-board computer systems.

â € œThis is really meant to shock the Air Force and the Department of Defense as a whole, in the idea that it takes seriously that we need to focus from now on. AIâ € said Roper to the Post.

The US military is developing a new technology that can fool opponents who follow the electrical signals emitted by soldiers’ equipment.

Electromagnetic spectrum tracking is already a viable way to monitor the movements or operations of combatants by picking up signals from remote communication devices.