The rules for stores are changing, but also for shoppers. The plastic law has been adopted

The rules for stores are changing, but also for shoppers. The plastic law has been adopted

30 June 2021 0 By admin

The Minister of Environment, Waters and Forests, Barna Tanczos, announced that Romania has aligned itself with the European norms regarding disposable plastic.

On Wednesday, the Romanian authorities adopted the law that strictly regulates the placing on the market of certain plastic products.

Although we adopted this law two months late compared to the deadline allowed by the European Commission, the Minister of Environment praises the work of Romanian officials, who have finally managed to transpose In domestic law the rules of the EU Directive.

â € œIt is an important day for the Ministry of Environment, it is the day when the Disposable Plastic Directive is transposed into Romanian law by an ordinance, an ordinance that introduces and In Romania, those obligations that aim to reduce plastic in nature.

It has been found in several European studies that most waste, for example, from the sea or seawater comes from disposable plastic and here we are not just talking about the plastic itself but also the microplastic pollution. .

That is why there is this Directive 904 of 2019 which obliges Member States to take measures to reduce the production, placing on the market and consumption of single-use plastic products, said Barna Tanczos.

I recall that Directive (EU) 2019/904 on limiting the environmental impact of certain plastics products was adopted two years ago and provides for ten product categories: earplugs, plates and cutlery. disposable, balloons and sticks for food, food packaging, plastic beverage glasses, other beverage packaging, cigarette filters, plastic bags, plastic packaging, wet wipes And other plastic hygiene products.

Deloitte shows that no less than five grams of plastic get into the body of every inhabitant of the planet every week through air, water or food. During all this time, the amount of plastic in the oceans is estimated at about 150 million tons.

Every day, you ingest almost a gram of plastic without realizing it.