The post-Brexit disaster in Britain, inevitable: the European Union has no one to agree with

The post-Brexit disaster in Britain, inevitable: the European Union has no one to agree with

16 August 2021 0 By admin

For about a year now, European Union officials have been trying to reach an agreement with the London administration. The reality is, however, that an agreement has little chance of materializing.

Although they eagerly wanted to leave the European Union, and Brexit was voted by the vast majority of Britons, the number of those who regret that decision is significant. For more than a year, it has become clear that the process of leaving the EU will come with significantly more deficits than benefits. While suppliers of many raw materials made in Europe will be left without a market, prices for a bushy range of products will explode.

Even so, however, the British government does not let its guard down at all. As a result, the chances of a post-Brexit agreement with the EU have fallen to less than 50%, according to Michael Gove, the British Minister for Cabinet Policy.

Beyond the actual percentage, however, more important is the attitude, and this is by no means optimistic. “I think, unfortunately, the greater the chances are that we will not reach an agreement,” said Michael Gove. ®in the House of Commons, according to Sky News, quoted by Mediafax.

Because of that attitude, in fact, someone would have asked Gove for a percentage of the probability to be a little clearer if it still makes sense for the British to hope for an EU agreement before the end of the transition period. , January 1, 2021. “Less than 50%,” the minister replied.

As a reference, the European Parliament on Thursday called for the conclusion of the negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom on post-Brexit relations by Sunday at the latest, warning that otherwise it will not be able to ratify a possible agreement in due time. In other words, there are only a few days until something can change in the relationship between the EU and the United Kingdom. However, it may already be too late, because before the entry into force, the hypothetical agreement should be ratified by the European Parliament, the British Parliament and the parliaments of the 27 EU Member States. Until January 1, it is impossible.