The personal car remains the preferred mode of transport. What alternatives do we have

The personal car remains the preferred mode of transport. What alternatives do we have

8 June 2021 0 By admin

As a result of the pandemic, both Romanians and citizens of the European Union prefer, for the time being, to travel by personal car. Alternative transport platforms are being neglected at this time.

Experts say that alternative ways will return in the medium and long term. According to them, the strongest advance is estimated for car sharing and rental platforms. This was shown by the report made by the global strategy department of the PwC network, called “The 2021 Digital Auto Report”.

According to the above study, the market share of car sharing and rental platforms would increase from 6%, as it is now, to 10% in 2025. It will reach In 2035 at 21%. The platforms affected by the pandemic will have the hardest time recovering. Among them is Bolt, the ride-sharing mobility platform. It will increase from 2% this year to just 3% in 2025. It will be around 7% in 2035.

The same report shows that personal car use will fall from 92% this year to 87% in 2025. In 2035 it will fall by only 72%. Consumers are increasingly concerned for their health and safety and will continue to use their personal car to travel after the pandemic. And this trend is also reflected in the figures, the market at EU level registering, according to ACEA, an increase of over 11% in January-August, compared to the period similar from 2020, despite the problems caused by the lack of components. Romania is in trend, with a 7% sales advance in the mentioned period, also boosted by the Rabla program.

However, even if the personal car remains in the first place in the top of mobility preferences, we see positive prospects for mobility alternatives, especially for car sharing platforms, which rent and sell. and electric cars, but also for the use of bicycles or walking, â € said Daniel Anghel, Partner and Leader for the Automotive Industry at PwC Romania. With regard to the sale of electric cars, it is expected that the European car fleet will stagnate.