The least known detail from the launch of the Galaxy S21: how special the new headphones will be

The least known detail from the launch of the Galaxy S21: how special the new headphones will be

15 September 2021 0 By admin

There are only a few days until the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 handsets. Until then, however, too few details will remain a secret.

On January 14, Samsung will hold the launch conference of its new line of top handsets. The list includes three smartphones, one more expensive than the other. These are the Galaxy S21, S21 and S21 Pro. For a few weeks now, it has been confirmed that a pair of fully wireless headphones will be announced at the same conference. The latter are titled Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

An online unboxing clip came online recently for Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, the new headphones of the Koreans. As you can see in the video below. The headphones are as compact as possible and embody a visible upgrade over the old Galaxy Buds.

The video was published by vlogger Jeff Schick aka Digital Slang and did not last long until it reached 50,000 views. Although there have been renditions of the internet with the new books in the past, this is the first time we have seen them detailed in video format.

According to the official specifications on the product box, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro promises 5 hours of battery life in the event of an uninterrupted hearing. If you make an effort to put them in the original case when you are not using them, you should ensure no less than 18 hours until you have to plug them in.

The headphones are IPX7 certified for water and dust resistance. Included is an advanced mechanism for active noise cancellation, while the interaction with them is done exclusively using touch or swipe on one of the headphones. In terms of box contents, each pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro wireless headphones comes bundled with a charging case and a USB-A to USB-C cable. There is no shortage of alternative silicone tips.