The future of Xbox sounds better: what does the $ 7.5 billion acquisition of Microsoft mean to you

The future of Xbox sounds better: what does the $ 7.5 billion acquisition of Microsoft mean to you

22 August 2021 0 By admin

Microsoft has long struggled to strengthen its Xbox gaming portfolio, if not exclusively, at least with titles that, for a limited time, can only be found on Redmond consoles. . In this sense, it has just made one of the largest acquisitions in the history of the giant.

In the amount of 7.5 billion dollars, the acquisition of ZeniMax by Microsoft has just been approved by the European Commission, but also in the USA, by the SEC. If the name ZeniMax is foreign to you, you can perceive the giant as the parent company of some of the most important, profitable and popular game developers in the world, starting with Bethesda.

From now on, the purchase process of ZeniMax can be completed. It’s important to note that all studios will continue to operate semi-independently, but their games will first arrive on Xbox, be optimized for Microsoft consoles, and most likely have small differences between the versions for the platforms of the giant in Redmond and the others in the market. Moreover, games that have already been created by ZeniMax studios will be included in the Xbox Games Pass subscription, making it a more attractive solution.

“The Commission has concluded that the proposed acquisition does not raise competition concerns, given the limited market position of the two combined entities.” , is shown in a statement issued by the European Commission on the subject. Although the EU could have imposed some restrictions on the procurement process, it decided that this was not the case here.

Friday’s European Commission decision on Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax comes after a similar confirmation came on Thursday, March 4, from the US Securities and Exchange Commission. In the case of the SEC, it was explicitly stated that the procurement process could go further. According to data provided by the company founded by Bill Gates, the effects of this transaction for Xbox owners should be felt in the second half of this year.