The best news about Tesla: why not buy another electric car

The best news about Tesla: why not buy another electric car

1 June 2021 0 By admin

If you are flirting with the purchase of an electric car, the most important criterion should be autonomy, and Tesla does a remarkable job.

Tesla cars are some of the most advanced in the world in terms of technology hidden under the hood. Beyond artificial intelligence algorithms and very good marketing, a Tesla car seems to be making the law when it comes to autonomy. This detail in itself is not a spectacular piece of information, but things have changed in the meantime, for the better.

The EPA is the US Environmental Protection Authority and has just released the latest edition of the annual fuel efficiency report for cars. The unit of measurement used is MPGe (miles per gallon in gasoline equivalent). The relevant part of the equation, however, is that the 2021 editions of Model 3, X and Y are the best when it comes to autonomy for electric cars. There is no point in taking anything else if this feature of efficiency is very relevant to you.

At the top of the pyramid is Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD managed to cover 160 kilometers with only 25 KWh or 134 MPGe, if you understand the EPA unit of measurement.

Only on the 5th place in the same top 10 is a car that is not produced by Tesla. This is the Mini Cooper SE, with only 108 MPGe. The other two cars in the top 10 that are not Tesla, in addition to Mini electric, are Polestar 2 with 92 MPGe and Volvo XC40 EV with 79 MPGe.

Beyond the technological upgrades that led to increased autonomy for the Tesla model for 2021, the company led by Elon Musk would have made the law in the rankings and without the respective updates. As a reference, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range for 2020, the one-year version available on the market, enjoys 121 MPGe.

Tesla still has minor problems when it comes to build quality and semi-autonomous driving options, but EPA is also convinced that the technology in its batteries is well ahead of the competition.