The alternative to WhatsApp, Yik Yak, is back: how it wants to attract users

The alternative to WhatsApp, Yik Yak, is back: how it wants to attract users

29 June 2021 0 By admin

Yik Yak, the anonymous chat application, returns after it was closed in 2017. In addition to WhatsApp, which is now the most used chat platform, over time, there have also been and other applications that have tried to capture users. In the middle of 2010, anonymous chat applications were in vogue. Among them is È ™ i Yik Yak. It operated until 2017, when it was closed. The reason it failed to continue to work was the migration of users to other chats such as Snap Chat. There has also been controversy over misconduct.

Now it can be downloaded from the iOS App Store. But, it seems to be available only in the United States and exclusively on the iPhone. It will soon be extended to other regions and other devices. As before, it’s a messaging app that connects you to other people within a five-mile radius. . However, the localized layout and the fact that users can post anonymously have led to reports of aggression. Large-scale harassment actions have also been found in colleges, high schools and other communities.

The developers of the revived Yik Yak seem to be aware of the problem. They advise users to keep everything safe. For this, there is a section on the application’s website entitled “Community protection limit”. According to her, Yik Yak does not allow users to post personal information. Likewise, harassment, threats, fanaticism of any kind are excluded. It is not acceptable to promote or encourage suicide and self-harm. False news and spam are also prohibited.

Managing a community is a general problem. When it is still anonymous it becomes very difficult to monitor. With the return of the chat application, the issue of user co-opting will come first. Then, producers will be able to manage them.