Sony is coming up with a new robot concept. They will be good for the Nobel Prize

Sony is coming up with a new robot concept. They will be good for the Nobel Prize

31 August 2021 0 By admin

Sony’s artificial intelligence research department has big plans. They are making future projects that are meant to change the concept of the robot. So, Sony wants to build robots capable of winning the Nobel Prize.

If Sony succeeds in putting its grand plan into practice, many of them will be able to take unimaginable actions beforehand. This is the initiative of Dr. Hiroaki Kitano, CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratory.

Basically, what he wants to create is a hybrid form of science that takes systems biology and science to another stage. He wants to create a kind of intelligence that will be able to rise to the level of the most enlightened mines in human history.

Obviously, at the moment it seems inconceivable. For now, only a human being can think for himself. Only she can adapt to new situations, problems or changes. At the moment, robots are not capable of doing anything. They cannot rationalize a new situation. They are scheduled to just follow a pattern.

â € œThe novelty of this challenge is placing the system in an open environment to explore significant discoveries in exchange for those we already know. The vision is to reshape scientific discovery in itself and therefore a new alternative form of scientific discovery, says Dr. Hiroaki.

The key would be to create a robot capable of making scientific discoveries continuously and autonomously. Which will then be checked by scientists. â € œThe scientist in artificial intelligence would generate and verify as many hypotheses as possible, hoping that some of them could lead to great discoveries or that they could be a basis. to a great discovery. The ability to generate new hypotheses and test them effectively is at the heart of the system, he said.

However, artificial intelligence has advanced a lot, but these are long-term plans. And before implementing such a project, the moral part of this subject must also be discussed.