Only Dacia would not take our governors: what machines do senators buy, how much does it cost?

Only Dacia would not take our governors: what machines do senators buy, how much does it cost?

3 October 2021 0 By admin

Almost every year, the Romanian authorities organize a tender for the purchase of new cars. This time, they made a special effort to make sure that no one from the Romanian Senate gets behind the wheel of a Dacia car.

Through the Electronic Public Procurement System or SEAP, the Romanian authorities have just registered a tender for the purchase of cars. With the announcement available at this address, the officials want to buy more cars, but none of the ones offered by the traders will be able to be Dacia, due to an explicit restriction. In other words, the authorities are upset so as not to be seen behind the wheel of a Logan or Duster.

No less than 17 new cars will enter the car park of the Romanian Senate. However, none of them will be Dacia, for the authorities have imposed that the new cars be exclusively plug-in hybrid. At present, the giant from Mioveni has in its portfolio only creations with traditional propulsion. Dacia Spring is electric, but in addition to the fact that it is not yet delivered in Romania, again, it is not a hybrid plug-in, as required in the auction.

The Romanian Senate has proposed to purchase 17 plug-in hybrid cars and two vans. The estimated value of the procedure is 2.4 million lei. If we talk only about the value of hybrid cars, they should have a total value of 2.21 million lei or 130,000 per piece. If you understand better the price of cars in lei, we are talking about 26,000 euros. For the two vans, the price is somewhere between 75,000 and 129,000 lei.

Those interested may submit tenders by 15 September 2021. If two or more tenders are placed first, the contracting authority shall request a new financial proposal from the tenderers concerned and the contract shall be awarded. to the tenderer whose new financial proposal has the lowest price.