Nostalgia “The Simpsons”: the platform that brings the retro game for over three decades

Nostalgia “The Simpsons”: the platform that brings the retro game for over three decades

14 September 2021 0 By admin

Many of us remember with nostalgia the series The Simpsons, a series that kept us in front of the TVs for a long time. Well, for those who want to relive those moments combined with the arcade games of three decades ago, there is a solution.

Players of a different age than those who play Fortnite or CS GO can now benefit from a way to relive the countless hours spent playing The Simpsons in places where such devices were available.

Now, Arcade1Up comes up with a solution for those nostalgic, after introducing a retro closet that faithfully recreates The Simpsons Arcade Game. At the same time, the famous The Simpsons Bowling is added to it, just as you used to play it 30 years ago.

If we look at all this possibility as a whole, on the one hand it is much better, considering that it can be played from a distance. Such an option is added to the platform, to allow all users of other game collections to relax for a few moments in front of the game from childhood, without leaving home.

Arcade1Up is firmly convinced of the quality of the games and promises real works of art, authentic with a rather low degree of difficulty. The pre-orders of the game will be launched starting with August 16, when you will already be able to wait with all your heart to relive your childhood games.

Although Arcade1Up did not mention any price for the game, so you can get an idea, the Turtles in Time package at that time costs $ 650, so that The Simpsons can be quite expensive in turn.

The idea is that even if you pay a lot, you will be able to satisfy your nostalgic desires. However, this could be useful if you are looking for a new way to experience gaming that takes you beyond the usual tables of foosball or billiards.