Netflix goes to the head with a fast speed: why good news, for whom

Netflix goes to the head with a fast speed: why good news, for whom

5 January 2022 1 By admin

In case you thought that Netflix is the best streaming service in the world and has no death, you’d better think again. The American company has faced several bad news in the last weeks and months, and the string of blows suffered by the American giant does not seem to end soon.

Netflix published its financial results for the last quarter a few days ago, and although they are loaded with bad news and confirmations of the worrying forecasts of the last year, there is glass half full. In other words, the situation is dramatic, but not so dramatic.

Netflix has significantly expanded its area of interest in recent years. It makes fabulous investments in gaming, for example, in addition to its own productions. Unfortunately, in the context of the explosion of alternative streaming services, the migration of subscribers to HBO Max, Disney, Apple TV, Prime Video and more should not come as a major surprise.

The basic idea is the following, in the second quarter of this year, the number of Netflix subscribers fell by 970,000. In the context in which in the first quarter of this year we were talking about a decrease of 200,000 subscribers, it is clear that bad things are happening at Netflix. On the other hand, according to the estimates of the American giant, company officials were ready to lose no less than 2 million subscribers. Thus, although the trend is worrying, things seem to be rosier than they seem at first sight.

When it drew the line, Netflix achieved a net profit of 1.44 billion dollars. In theory, it should have been significantly higher than that, but in the context of US inflation and the fact that 60% of receipts come from outside America, that value was seriously affected of the devaluation of the dollar against stronger currencies, such as the Euro. In the next quarter, those from Netflix are optimistic that they will return to Plus as the number of subscribers increases, with approximately one million new members of the service estimated.\

Ford has found a more than interesting way to promote its new F-150 Lightning electric van. He did it with the help of US President Joe Biden.

Ford launched the new 100% electric F-150 Lightning and took advantage of President Joe Biden’s visit to show it sooner than expected. During the speech given by the leader of the White House, the new truck could also be seen in the background.

In fact, Biden was invited to take a tour of the new electric truck. He accepted the challenge to try it, even if the model was camouflaged. During the speech, however, the F-150 no longer had camouflage.

The Ford F-150 Lightning was shown a day earlier than officially announced. The American builder took advantage of the visit of President Joe Biden and exposed him behind the place where he gave his speech and the new model. It happened at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, Michigan factory.

On the outside, it looks impressive and borrows a lot from the iconic F-150 model, it even looks more elegant than that. Inside, even if it couldn’t be seen very well from a distance, the F-150 Lightining looks like it has a touchscreen at least as big as the Mustang Mach-E, the American manufacturer’s first electric model.

The electric truck is, therefore, the second model that does not use classic petrol and diesel engines that will be put on the market by the manufacturer.

Specifications, price and other technical details are to be revealed soon by Ford. But it is already announced to be an extremely powerful model with more than satisfying autonomy.

In his speech, US President Joe Biden emphasized the transition to electricity and praised Ford’s efforts in this direction.