Lidl’s announcement of the day. These products are free. See how you can benefit from them

Lidl’s announcement of the day. These products are free. See how you can benefit from them

22 September 2021 1 By admin

LIDL Romania has a last minute surprise for all Romanians from all over the country. This is great news that all retailer customers need to know.

So, if you go shopping in the retailer’s supermarkets, you should know that it has announced that next week they will have a series of free products that they will offer to customers from all over And ›now. This is something specially offered for customers who use LIDL Plus.

You can “browse” a new magazine right here with products that will benefit from discounts starting next week in all retailer’s stores. Moreover, with them come the freebies that will be available. The German retailer says the discounts he has prepared will be for all tastes, so there are items for gardening, fishing, care and beauty. So you have a wide variety of products to choose from next week.

The hypermarket chain offers something for free that few Romanians hoped they would be able to receive. Specifically, a BMW 1 Series, five iPhone 12 Pro phones and 10 HIMO 220 electric bicycles. The car is, of course, the most important prize that LIDL Romania offers to its customers. from all over the country. Of course, this is great news for those who shop every day from all over the world. And don’t miss the chance to buy what interests you, at good prices.

There is only one condition for you to benefit from this promotion. Lidl requires customers to have the LIDL Plus application active to have a chance to be chosen and receive any of these awards for free. Moreover, you have to make purchases of at least 50 lei from its stores, starting with March 8, and use your LIDL Plus card at home, in order to be enrolled in the promotion.

The German retailer is running this promotional campaign until April 4. So you have enough time to do your shopping and make sure you get what you want.