Important announcement from ANAF: how to save yourself a little of the hassle with the Single Declaration

Important announcement from ANAF: how to save yourself a little of the hassle with the Single Declaration

10 October 2021 1 By admin

ANAF announces that it has simplified the Single Declaration process a bit. Here’s what you need to know.

ANAF announces that those who need to complete the Single Declaration can download it already pre-filled from the SPV – Virtual Private Space. It is a facility meant to make the process a little easier, but even so it needs a lot of attention. Every information already completed based on the history must be carefully checked.

It is important, therefore, not to send the document until you have carefully checked beforehand that all the data entered is correct. This also applies to personal and contact details, but also to the amounts entered.

The Ministry of Finance announces that individuals can access the single declaration (form D 212) pre-filled based on information already known to the tax authorities, through the Virtual Private Space (SPV). ANAF warns, however, that the submitted document is indicative and does not guarantee the correctness of the amounts.

Pre-filled fields contain:

The amounts are supplemented according to the data already declared by the taxpayer, such as the existence of a rental contract, the development of an independent activity or an agricultural activity.

The download and transmission of the single declaration can be done through the Virtual Private Space. Those taxpayers who have not yet submitted the single declaration for 2020 will receive, starting today, the pre-completed declaration. They will be notified about its upload to the SPV, if they have accepted the e-mail communication from ANAF when new messages are received in the portal.

ANAF insists that the submitted document has an orienting role. It does not guarantee either the correctness of the amounts or the fact that all the income or tax obligations that must be declared are already in the pre-completed form of the single declaration. The amounts realized and the tax obligations must be verified and supplemented by the taxpayers on the basis of the actual data, known to them.

In addition, ANAF warns that the non-receipt of the pre-completed declaration in the SPV account does not mean that there is no obligation for the taxpayer to submit the single declaration.