How to copy a guide to the Baccalaureate: the whole system “on the expensive side”

How to copy a guide to the Baccalaureate: the whole system “on the expensive side”

22 July 2021 0 By admin

The Romanian authorities have gone to great lengths to discourage copying in the national exams, but this does not mean that there are still no more or less successful attempts.

In Romania, when you enter the exam room, you are not allowed to have anything with you, much less a mobile phone. But there are some scoundrels who go out of their way to steal the system, and the consequences are not long in coming. Even so, the inventiveness of some of those who have tried to copy, with more or less success, must be noted.

A student who took the Baccalaureate exam at a school group in the town of Câmpeni, Alba County, was discovered with a very ingenious system for copying. Examiners identified a system based on a fairly advanced technology.

According to the local publication, he had some tiny headphones, the size of watch batteries, that were put in his ear. They were so well hidden that they could only be pulled out with a metal stick with a magnet at the end. They were fed and communicated with a kind of medallion around their necks.

Predictably, with the help of the mechanism, he hopes to get a high or very high mark at the baccalaureate exam. Unfortunately for him, he was caught and excluded from the exam. The good part, if we can call it that, is that he wasn’t even alone. In the white county alone, a total of nine students were eliminated.

As a reference, according to the examination methodology, it is forbidden to introduce objects, such as backpacks, backpacks, bags, purses, etc., in the examination rooms. Moreover, before each test, students are informed that access to classrooms is not allowed with textbooks, dictionaries, notes, notes, etc., as well as with any electronic means of calculation, storage of information or communication (memory sticks, telephones, tablets, etc.).

Anyone caught violating the rules mentioned above is not eligible to attend the next two sessions.