Donald Trump’s lies, censored differently: what has changed social networks

Donald Trump’s lies, censored differently: what has changed social networks

16 October 2021 0 By admin

Twitter has long had a problem with Donald Trump’s false posts. Now, the penalties imposed by the social network are clearer than ever.

While Facebook has let its guard down with the erroneous posts of the US president, Twitter has decided to be more explicit when it comes to this topic. In the context in which all the processes initiated by the leader of the White House to attest the fraud of the US elections have failed, these manifestations of man who does not know how to lose are more and more embarrassing. Apart from encouraging their extreme supporters, they have no other role.

Based on this set of circumstances, any reference to Trump on Twitter to fraud or to the fact that he has “won” the election is clearly marked as false by a label. It states that Joe Biden is the President-elect of the United States of America.

“Election officials have certified Joe Biden as the winner of the US presidential election,” the message attached to Donald Trump’s posts reads. A spokesperson for the social network mentioned that the message reflects the latest information about the presidential election.

Predictably, that message is a link that, if you access it, you reach a Twitter page with information from several news organizations about the election result. The first time that updated message appeared was when Trump insisted he had won the United States election, although there was no evidence to that effect, and the vote had been certified. In every American state.

Twitter began penalizing Trump and after posting a series of tweets in an attempt to undermine a series of cyber attacks against several federal agencies, insisting that China is behind the attacks, although Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the equivalent of the interior minister, said it was “quite clear” that Russia was behind the hacking campaign.

Among the measures taken by other social networks, YouTube has begun to delete all new videos that challenge the outcome of the US election.