After Apple, another phone maker wants to make electric cars

After Apple, another phone maker wants to make electric cars

22 October 2021 0 By admin

Apple seems to have inspired another phone maker to make electric cars. And it’s not just a name for an already crowded industry.

Huawei plans to manufacture electric cars in the future and sell them under its own brand. The first models could be launched this year, according to anonymous sources for Reuters. Huawei thinks, perhaps, that the phone market has reached saturation.

And then he wants to focus on what the automotive industry calls the future of mobility.

Reutersc writes that the Chinese at Huawei are in talks with another local company – Changan Automobile, but also with other car companies to use their factories to produce electric vehicles. Huawei is also in talks with BluePark New Energy Technology, backed by Chinese group BAIC, to make electric models, according to several sources.

The plan would represent a major change of direction for Huawei, after its smartphone sales fell by 41% in the fourth quarter of 2020, following sanctions imposed by US authorities.

In the top of the top smartphone makers, Huawei is now in fifth place, behind Chinese rivals Xiaomi and Oppo. He is therefore thinking of reorienting himself, especially since this is the first time he is no longer in the top 4 phone manufacturers worldwide.

In 2020, for example, Huawei still retains third place in this ranking, after Apple and Samsung. Although the company has so far dispelled rumors about the production of electric cars, there is not much smoke without fire.

China has experience in the production of electric cars and the highly developed market there. Huawei therefore has someone to partner with locally if it really wants to.

It is becoming increasingly clear that telephone manufacturers see some potential for growth in the area of electric cars. Recently, there was talk of the first electric car produced by Apple. The Americans would have chosen Kia as partners.