A new currency appears on the market: the cryptocurrency invented by a young Romanian

A new currency appears on the market: the cryptocurrency invented by a young Romanian

25 December 2021 0 By admin

FutureCoin is a new Romanian cryptocurrency that has entered the virtual market. The 19-year-old founder intends to create a bridge between the cryptocurrency market and the financial market.

According to the information up to this time, FutureCoin will enter the worldwide cryptocurrency market at the beginning of next month.

The founder plans to implement a new validation system, POT (Proof of Trade), which will ensure automatic mining during the transaction, but also anonymization of trade. In other words, the emphasis is on protection against possible cyber attacks. Even so, the new technology will not be officially launched until 2023, when it is in the testing stage.

Cristian Filip is only 19 years old, but his ambition to revolutionize the cryptocurrency system is far beyond his age. FutureCoin promises, through the new technology behind it, to solve many of the current problems in the cryptocurrency market. For example, at present, the backchain system allows the intervention of other parties in transactions, so that, in this way, security is endangered.

FutureCoin has received a $ 2 million investment from a private mutual fund and intends to launch, in the near future, even a virtual cryptocurrency bank (now in beta testing). ), informs Yahoo Finance. Moreover, according to the previously mentioned source, it is planned to set up a new EV type company, which will use solar energy in full.

In addition to the above, FutureCoin will include: payment processor and credit / debit card, digital crypto portfolio and a fintech payment processing application (used by for currencies in the current circuit).

â € œWe are a young and visionary team of 30 creative and experienced people, which is why we are confident that this currency and its projects will be able to make a difference in the world. in which we live today and in the near future. FutureCoin is the only virtual currency that offers solutions to the current problems in the cryptocurrency market, and the projects developed around it will amplify the impact on the market, said Cristian Filip, founder and CEO of TradeLink Technology LTD.

Netflix and Sony do not want Will Smith again after the scandal of the 2022 Oscars, an event that made the tour of the planet faster than the war in Ukraine.

Specifically, Sony and Netflix have suspended the production of certain movies in which Will Smith was supposed to play, after he slammed Chris Rock at this year’s Oscar gala.

Before the scandal, Netflix was in the process of finding a new director for “Fast and Loose”, a film in which actor Will Smith was also supposed to star. He was supposed to play the role of a mob boss who, in parallel, is facing a memory problem. Netflix declined to comment on the decision to discontinue production.

Immediately after the announcement by Netflix, Sony made a similar decision, giving up the production of the fourth installment of “Bad Boys”, and this despite the fact that the actor had received, previously, more than 40 pages of the script of the new film.

Apple, on the other hand, has no choice, as it has already completed filming for “Emancipation.” In turn, when asked about the incident, the giant did not comment.

It should be noted that immediately after the Oscar scandal, Smith resigned from the Academy Awards, although he received the award for Best Actor for his role in “King Richard”, a film based on events in the life of the father of the famous tennis players, Serena and Venus Williams.

“My actions at the 94th Academy Awards were shocking, painful, and unforgivable,” wrote Will Smith, adding that the list of those I I have been hurt for a long time, and it includes Chris, his family, many of my dear and close friends, all of whom have been in public or (watched) from home. “I will be a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and I will accept any consequences that the board will consider appropriate,” he said.