5G technology will charge your phone and more. How the technique works

5G technology will charge your phone and more. How the technique works

14 July 2021 0 By admin

A team of researchers at Georgia Tech has created a 3D printed antenna that can harvest electromagnetic energy from 5G signals and use it as an energy source.

Researchers say the technology could one day turn 5G networks into a wireless network for small devices and sensors connected to the Internet, according to News.gatech.edu. A fascinating alternative, or augmentation, for battery-powered gadgets.

The main difficulty in creating a small antenna capable of harvesting enough power is that they have a very limited field of view.

“We have solved the problem of the ability to look only from one direction with a system that has a wide angle of coverage,” said Aline Eid, lead author of the paper published in the journal Scientific Reports recently. ®in an interview.

It also doesn’t matter what direction it points. “With this innovation, we can have a large antenna, which operates at higher frequencies and can receive energy from any direction,” said Jimmy Hester, senior laboratory advisor. “It is independent of direction, which makes it much more practical.”

The device works because the Federal Communications Commission has authorized 5G networks to concentrate energy much more densely, compared to previous generations of cellular networks.

The team created an antenna about the size of palms, using specialized 3D printing techniques that can harvest energy through millimeter waves. It’s not a huge amount of energy: only about six microbes are about 600 meters from the next 5G transmitter.

But this may not matter, given the use case predicted by researchers for antennas. Researchers say their invention could end up replacing millions or tens of millions of wireless sensor batteries, especially for smart cities and applications. smart farmingâ €, according to Professor and co-author at Georgia Tech Emmanouil Tentzeris.